GoodWeave certified
Visual of the hand-tufted Petra Parker rug
Hand-knotted Petra Parker rug on the traditional loom
Detail of the Petra Parker motif
Detail of the hand-knotted pure wool Petra Parker rug
Deatil of the Greta Games rug showing the quality of the hand-tufted rugs
Visual of the Greta Games rug
Detail of the Greta Games motif
Chorus rug design
Detail of the Chorus motif
A sample of Chorus being hand-knotted
Detail of the hand-tufted Chorus Rug
Visual of the Artic Gannet rug
Detail of the Artic Gannet design
The Artic Gannet hand-knotted rug on the traditional loom
Ella Aqua rug detail
Visual of Ella Aqua rug
Ella Aqua detail of the pattern
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