FOLKHOUSE 438 Tangerine - is inspired by the folk art tradition with a story book feel
FOLKHOUSE collection showing the matching ORCHARD pattern
Hares are magical creatures running across the imagination at dawn and dusk. This is HARE 139 Aqua.
HARE collection overview showing two colourways and a matching STREAM pattern
SAVANNAH is our friendly, fun, animal-filled grassland pattern. This is SAVANNAH 139 Aqua.
SAVANNAH collection overview showing two colourways and two matching GRASSLAND patterns.
Sampling at the Panaz factory in Burnley. This was the exciting moment when we saw Savannah 139 Aqua for the first time as a printed fabric.
A HARE at both dawn and dusk.
GRASSLAND shown on curtain fabric
Matching with plain fabrics is a very important part of the design process.
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